Everyone across Canada can now legally buy and smoke weed, and BC is one of the best provinces to do so. While Victoria is the main capital in BC, Vancouver is the best city overall for weed and cannabis culture in the country. As long as you’re 19 years or older, you’re able to purchase all types of marijuana products, and although some dispensaries are starting pop up all over the city, it’s so much easier to buy cannabis  in Vancouver.

Purchasing cannabis online in Canada is becoming very popular. You’re able to browse through numerous varieties of products at much lower prices and order them for delivery all from your computer or smart phone. A majority of consumers even find it preferable compared to purchasing at a shop. Here’s a guide on how to purchase cannabis online in Vancouver.

Cannabis Laws in Vancouver

Before you able to purchase cannabis  in Vancouver, it’s very important to be aware with local weed laws. In BC, you will need to be at least 19 years old to buy and use weed products. As long as you have a DL, passport or some form of provincial ID, you won’t have a problem purchasing cannabis in Vancouver.

Public possession laws state that you’re allowed to have up to 30 grams of marijuana on you. However, you can keep much more cannabis at home which means you don’t need to worry about possession laws when you purchase online.

You are also able to grow your own cannabis in Vancouver. You ‘re allowed to grow up to four plants at a time, whether it’s indoors or outdoors and keep the marijuana that you grew stashed at home. Just make sure that you keep your plants in private and out of reach of kids.

Users are allowed to smoke cannabis in private properties or residences, although the homeowners can restrict the use of cannabis on their land. You’re also able to smoke cannabis in specific public areas and designated spots, like sidewalks, parks, and pot lounges. However though, just make sure you don’t smoke near kids, in schools or in your car.

Buy Weed Online in Vancouver

Legal marijuana shops are starting to open up in the city of Ottawa. However, many users prefer to purchase their cannabis online. It’s safe, legal, and so much easier. You will also find a huge range of products when you purchase online, complete with descriptions so you know exactly what you need.

If you want to skip the line ups and purchase cannabis online in Ottawa, just visit Buy My Bud The registration process won’t take long and once you have an account you’ll be able to look through all of the different cannabis strains, edibles, concentrates, and other products. Just add whichever products you want to your cart and they will be delivered.

Products are delivered out to consumers safely and discreetly. You’re allowed to purchase as much as you want without any issues. Purchasing cannabis online is starting to become more and more popular due to its easy convenient and it saves you time as well.

420 vancouverWhy Buy Weed Online in Vancouver?

With cannabis legal to buy in stores, some consumers will wonder why you should buy weed online in Vancouver. Even though there are physical stores where you can buy weed in Vancouver, it’s still very few. There are many benefits to purchasing online over purchasing in a dispensary.

Stores often have very long queues and much higher price tags. Rather than going to a shop, you can get all of the products you need online with just a few clicks. The only downside is waiting a few days for it to be delivered, but it’s very easy and trouble free and you can get weed whenever you want.

You can also find a wider product variety when you shop online. Physical shops often only offer a few types of the most popular products. When you buy online though, you will find everything you could want from a huge selection of marijuana strains to delicious marijuana edibles. Orders will be packaged discreetly so you can get all of the products you need safely and conveniently.

Is It Safe to Buy Weed Online in Vancouver?

With marijuana now legal to purchase across the country as at Oct 2018, it’s also very safe and legal to purchase weed online. You can order the products you like and have them sent to your door without any hassle. You’ll still need to show proof of age, and online shops may require you to be at least 19. But as long as you keep in line with provincial laws, there shouldn’t be anything that you need to worry about.

When you purchase cannabis online, orders will be packaged with discretion in mind. Shipping Carrier has certain rules set when it comes to weed which will mean that no one can tamper or interfere with your packages. Anyone that’s of legal age can order products online safely and legally.

Best Weed to Buy Online in Vancouver

There’s a huge selection of strains to purchase online in Vancouver and consumers may have a hard time choosing which one they like. Whether you like the sedating effects of indica strains, the uplifting and energizing effects of sativa strains or the balanced effects of hybrid strains, here are some products to consider:

Purple kush is pure indica with very relaxing and sedating effects. It will right away take away any pain, stress, and any physical tension while easing you into a wonderful high. The long-lasting, euphoric effects are very enjoyable and the sweet, grape-like taste that goes along with it will make you enjoy it even more.

Super diesel is a very popular strain with exceptional effects. It’s a very strong sativa that will put you in a happy and creative mindset; it will also make you feel much more energized and motivated to take on all sorts of tasks. No matter which strain you want, let it be a wake-and-bake strain or something to smoke and chill with your friends, Sour Diesel is a top-notch choice.

Gelato is a hybrid strain with a ratio of about 55:45 indica to sativa. It will definitely relax your body while also stimulating your brain, giving you a wonderfully balanced high in general. It’s awesome for usage anytime of the day and can also help with medical uses with all sorts of health issues.


If you want to try some high-quality products, it’s easy to purchasing marijuana online in Vancouver. Aside the popular strains, you can also buy concentrates, CBD oils, edibles, and other kinds of marijuana products. All of these products are available for delivery all over Canada.  Come shop with Buy My Bud now!

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