Sticky Larry AAAA - Island Boys Craft
Sticky Larry AAAA - Island Boys Craft
Sticky Larry AAAA - Island Boys Craft
Sticky Larry AAAA - Island Boys Craft

Sticky Larry AAAA – Craft Island Boys


obama kush Batch: May-09-2022

Expert Review:

The terpene profiles in this are as potent and pungent as always from the Island Boys. The myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene are very noticeable in this batch so not only giving it a strong and sweet diesel flavour with a strong high but also has a smooth flavour with a very mild aftertaste. The buds are minty green with some darker leaves, red hairs and coated with high-resin glossy clear trichomes. I really enjoy the Larry OG strain and always try to get my hands on some no matter what the crossbreed – always makes for some gassy and potent smoke – no matter what type of experience you are as a smoker this stuff will hit yah. DANK DENSE SWEET GAS FIRE

-Rollie (Discord Moderator)


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This Sticky Larry strain clones comes from another in-house pheno hunt selection. The Chem D from the Motorbreath #15 mom really comes through in this one. Add some OG gas and incredibly sticky resin, she’s a sure winner in any garden. We’ve seen 6.5% dry hash return on this lady. She’s checking all the boxes for an insane squeezer.

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