Grape Zkittlez AAAA - Craft Tyson Farm
Grape Zkittlez AAAA - Craft Tyson Farm
Grape Zkittlez AAAA - Craft Tyson Farm
Grape Zkittlez AAAA - Craft Tyson Farm

Grape Zkittlez AAAA – Craft Tyson Farm


purple kush shatter Batch: May-09-2022

Expert Review:

“The Tyson Farms purple colour is coming in super deep and dank on this batch. Very deep purple bud with neon orange hairs and caked in shiny clear crystals. Very dense, very dank and leaves my fingers covered in sticky crystals when breaking apart and REEKING of sweet gas. This burned a bit inconsistent for me. It burns clean and tastes clean but joints burn a bit inconsistent with some choppy ash. Tastes of pure diesel- the myrcene terpenes are quite powerful and enjoyable delivering a strong cerebral euphoria even tho its a dominantly purple bud- this flower will have heads turning towards the stank and if you run out of fuel in your vehicle maybe you can refuel with this stuff LOL! DANK DENSE GAS”

-Rollie (Discord Moderator)



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Grape Zkittlez is deliciously purple with dense, resin coated nugs, Zkittlez is an indica marijuana strain bred from a mix of Grape Ape and Grapefruit that is crossed with another undisclosed strain. Grape Zkittlez has some gassy fumes, amid a sweet and fruity mix of berries and grapes, with just a touch of citrus. Combusting this strain brings out the grape, candy-like flavor. The gassy taste is sour, yet tart, with an herbal twist.

Grape Zkittlez brings back nostalgic memories for many, of that sweet, grape tasting cough medicine we were given as children when sick. It’s not hard to guess that is some purple in this strain. The Grape Zkittlez nugs have thick and curled, purple and fern-green leaves, sparsely littered with long, orange pistils, and heavily glazed in crystal trichomes. These protective trichome hairs help give the buds a frosted look.

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