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Shake weed is cannabis flower that is broken up naturally. These are small parts that come from the larger buds. For the average consumer, shake weed is normally collected from the bottom of the stash, which you can also use to make joints. Comfort is a real benefit of shake weed is that you can put it in a joint without crushing it. However, it is assumed to be of lower quality.

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Shake weed comes from the same part of the weed as normal buds. In fact, shake weed is simply small pieces of bud that have fallen off over time. This can be caused by handling and transporting weed.

Shake weed can contain any part of the bud, including sugar leaves and trichomes. So yes, a shake can contain the same THC as any other part of the flower. Shake weed could even be more potent with higher THC levels and get you higher than you thought.

So what exactly is a Shake Weed used for? Well, the same thing that is used in any bud – smoking!

Shake Weed can be great to add to your baking or cooking. It can also be used with your tea if you like to drink. Shake is essentially other fragments of leaves, stems or parts of the plant that get lost from the mix. It may not be the top notch bud, but the good news is that it is quite usable.

Shake weed is not only cheaper but can also be easier. Since these are already small fragments of flowers, it is not necessary to grind them.

Shake Weed

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