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Finding good AAA+ quality weed is an important part of having a good time. There’s just something about hitting your pipe or bong that makes you feel closer to the action on the field. But while there are few things better than lighting up a joint, it’s important to keep in mind the importance of smoking good AAA+ weed. Not all weed is created equal, and some can actually make you feel worse rather than better. Our AAA+ high quality weed will be the ideal strains for all beginners and experienced weed smokers.

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Our AAA + weed provides a medium to high intensity, ideal for both casual and heavy weed smokers. The THC level can be anywhere above 24% which will be quite strong for casual people but a good high for experienced.

AAA+ Weed offers a variety of health benefits, from decreasing anxiety and depression to improving the immune system and helping with pain. Marijuana is also one of the most commonly prescribed drugs in Canada. Among these benefits is the ability of marijuana to help people deal with the symptoms of anxiety and depression. has hybrid and Indica strains available for you in AAA+ quality. Try out some of the different flavours from Mint Cake AAA+ which is sweet to Sophie’s Breath AAA+ which is both sweet and fruity.

High-quality AAA+ weed is better for you than low quality weed. The high quality stuff is much better for you because it is much stronger and has way more THC usually 24% and up vs the low quality variations. We suggest that you read through some of our great Google reviews or connect with our customer service team to see which would be the ideal fit for you.

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